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Good to know about the red wines of Bordeaux

When we talk about the city of Bordeaux, we also necessarily think of the magnificent vineyards that surround it. Bordeaux wines are among the most famous in the world. With its history and the richness of its wine-growing territory, red wine is one of the emblems of Bordeaux. Indulge yourself with the best selections of Bordeaux red wines for all occasions.

Bordeaux red wine: origin and characteristics

Red Bordeaux is a dry red wine that is characterized as a still wine. In the vineyards of Bordeaux, a vineyard in the south-west of France, the production of Bordeaux red wine takes place more specifically in the wine regions of Médoc, Graves, Entre-deux-mers, Sauternes, Libourne and Blaye Bourg. The vineyards of Bordeaux red wines benefit from an oceanic climate and a limestone, gravel and sandy soil.

Health benefits of Bordeaux red wines

The best-known benefit of red wine is that it significantly reduces heart risk. However, a glass of Bordeaux red wine offers much more than that. This is because it lowers your cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of developing certain forms of cancer. A glass of red wine every day also helps you fight against Parkinson's or Alzheimer's disease.

In terms of its calorie intake, a whole bottle of Bordeaux red wine represents approximately 680 calories. Thus, a tasting glass of red wine is only 50 calories. Referring to a scale of 0 to 9 corresponding to the caloric value of food, a glass of red wine contains only 0.7. For their part, water is at 0, bread at 2.5, butter at 7 and alcohol at 8.5. In addition, wine has a low sugar content, but on the other hand contains more mineral salts and vitamins, compared to other aperitifs. Thus, regularly consuming Bordeaux red wine has no impact on your health, provided you consume it in moderation of course.

Where can I find Bordeaux red wine?

Are you looking for a good bottle of Bordeaux red wine? Look no further, Château Fourcas Dupré offers you the best red wines from the Listrac-Médoc appellation. Located on the highest point of the Médoc peninsula, at an altitude of 42 meters, the vineyard of Château Fourcas Dupré is an exceptional terroir for a qualitative maturation of the grapes. On a terroir of more than 46 hectares, the entire Château Fourcas Dupré estate is classified as AOC (Appellation d'origine contrôlée).

Château Fourcas Dupré is also a perfect wine tourism site to discover the stages of making red wines in Bordeaux. We invite you to come and discover our facilities located in Listrac-Médoc. The entire chateau team will be delighted to welcome you during your visits and your private red wine tastings. Wine tourism at Château Fourcas Dupré is a perfect activity to do with family, friends or during your business trips.

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