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Bordeaux white wines from the Château Fourcas Dupré vineyard

Bordeaux is particularly famous for its red wines. Its characterful reds, fleshy, supple, etc. Contrary to popular belief, there is more than just red in Bordeaux. For more than a millennium, Bordeaux has also known how to make white wine, and with brio. Moreover, until the mid-1970s, the production of white Bordeaux wines exceeded that of red wines.

The specificity of Bordeaux white wines

White Bordeaux wines are generally dry and fall into the category of still wines. They are, most of the time, from blends between Sauvignon, Sémillon with sometimes a hint of Muscadelle.

Particularly aromatic, round and lively, Sauvignon is the main grape variety in these blends. This aromatic potential is the result of a temperate climate, mild winters and bright summers. Sémillon, on the other hand, is used in both dry white wines and sweet wines. Thanks to its qualities, this grape variety supports Sauvignon by giving it a certain roundness and floral touches during blending.

When we talk about terroirs, the white wine of Bordeaux is established in clay or limestone soils. Among the most favorable lands, we find the Graves, Pessac-Léognan or the Côtes de Bordeaux on the right bank.

White wine from the Médoc wine region

The main grape varieties of the Médoc wines that make up the vineyard are for red wine. However, this does not prevent you from finding white wines, which are rather rare. Among these few rare white wines from the Médoc, you can find the " Grand Vin Blanc " of Château Fourcas Dupré. The particularity of this white Bordeaux wine is that it exudes a citrus scent with a zest of hawthorn and gray pepper. On the palate, this wine is fine, elegant and powerful, presenting a dynamic, fruity and spicy aromatic palette. In the finish, you will find a persistence on grilled and peppery notes with a nice bitterness.

Great Bordeaux wine in the heart of the Médoc

The Médoc is synonymous with pleasure and the art of living in the setting of the great wines of Bordeaux. Located in a bucolic setting 35 km from Bordeaux, the vineyard of Château Fourcas Dupré extends over more than 47.2 hectares on the oldest geological layer of the Médoc nicknamed the " Roof of the Médoc ". The wines produced by Château Fourcas Dupré have the AOC Listrac-Médoc appellation, which is the youngest of the Médoc communal appellations.

By tasting the great Bordeaux wines from the Château Fourcas Dupré vineyard, you will certainly find power. The aromatic intensity is felt in the mouth. Finally, the white Bordeaux wines of Château Fourcas Dupré are rather round. The perfect balance between these three elements makes the difference in the wines, whether white or red, at Château Fourcas Dupré.

Located between Moulis and Saint-Julien, the Fourcas plateau is particularly favorable for a vineyard. Indeed, at more than 42 meters above sea level, the vineyard benefits from good natural drainage. The wind and the proximity of the forest temper the climatic excesses which favor a slow qualitative ripening of the grapes.

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