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Château Fourcas Dupré opens its doors for wine tourism

World famous, the wines of Bordeaux are the result of the know-how of the winegrowers of the region for several centuries. Wine tourism is an opportunity to discover the wine heritage of Bordeaux and in particular Château Fourcas Dupré.

Wine tourism at Château Fourcas Dupré

Located on the highest point of the Médoc peninsula, at an altitude of 42 meters, Château Fourcas Dupré is an essential wine tourism site in Bordeaux. The discovery of Château Fourcas Dupré is an activity to do with family or friends.

Being a real wine museum, the castle invites you to discover its original vat room which dates from the 1850s. During your visit to the estate, you have the opportunity to dive into the history of the castle, more particularly to visualize the evolution of winemaking techniques for over 200 years. The entire Château Fourcas Dupré team welcomes you with a smile during your visits and private tastings. In case you do not have time to come and visit the castle or you want to live a new experience, wine tourism can come to you. The wine tourism team of Château Fourcas Dupré comes to your home to liven up your evenings or introduce you to the estate directly at your home in Bordeaux.

What activities to do around wine?

  • Go to meet the wines

Wine tourism is the perfect opportunity to learn more about wines. Indeed, during your expedition, you can follow a workshop or an oenology course to get even closer to the wines. In this way, you will develop your sensory analysis and the winegrowers will give you the keys to knowing how to taste a wine correctly. During the tasting phase, you are in the company of the winemaker of the estate who will pass on his know-how to you to observe the wine. A wine tourism tour in a wine estate allows you to recognize a wine, during a sensory journey, by its taste, its color and its smell.

  • Discover the vineyard

Wine tourism is also an opportunity to discover, but also to understand the environment of the vineyard. Indeed, the climate, the terroir and the geological influences have effects on the taste quality of the wine. By touring the estate, you can also discover the grape varieties and their location. On the other hand, to fully understand a vineyard, you will need to delve into its history as well as the bad weather it has been through over the years. The tests that the estate has undergone demonstrate the quality of its wine from its years of evolution and improvement.

  • Visit the vineyard

Through the visit of a vineyard during a wine tourism, you have the opportunity to discover the beauty of the surrounding landscape, but also inside the castle. Take the time to go to the cellars, the cellars, and also to walk in the vineyards. In some cases, you can meet the staff of the vineyard, namely the owner(s), the cellar master, the pickers, the sommelier, etc.

  • Discover the trades related to the vine

To fully immerse yourself in the field of viticulture, you cannot miss the trades that make a winery work. The maintenance of the vine, the techniques used over the seasons, but above all the techniques of wine making.

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