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The best Bordeaux wines in the cellar of Château Fourcas Dupré

There is no shortage of opportunities to drink good wine! Romantic meal, birthday, retirement, Christmas, business meeting or as a thank you gift, every occasion deserves a good bottle of wine that goes with the event. However, the choice of wine must be made according to the flavors present at your table as much as the occasion. In Bordeaux, the choice is wide among the great selection of wine: red wine and white wine. To meet your needs, the cellar of Château Fourcas Dupré opens its doors to you.

White wines from the Château Fourcas Dupré cellar

To end a day in style, for a moment spent with friends on the weekend or a party planned with colleagues, you will certainly have various dishes with different tastes.

To accompany this diversity of taste, dry white wine is your best choice. If you are looking for the best solutions for your events, turn to the Bordeaux region, more particularly to the highest point of the Médoc peninsula. The Château Fourcas Dupré cellar has a wide range of dry white wines in store for you. The white wines of Château Fourcas Dupré are fine, elegant and powerful on the palate, perfect for your elegant dinners as well as for your evenings with friends.

Red wines from the Château Fourcas Dupré cellar

If you are organizing a simpler aperitif dinner, the choice of a bottle of red wine is your best bet. A bottle of red wine will go perfectly with cold meats and cheeses, but also with worked meat dishes or tasty dishes in sauce for a more classic meal.

The red wines from the Château Fourcas Dupré cellar in Bordeaux are perfect for these occasions. All the qualities that make up a good red wine are brought together in the bottles of red wine from Château Fourcas Dupré. The vineyard which extends over more than 46 hectares on the roof of the Médoc offers an exceptional terroir for a slow qualitative maturation of the grapes. The château's cellar thus offers red wines of exceptional quality under the Listrac-Médoc appellation.

About the cellar of Château Fourcas Dupré

Located in the heart of the Médoc, the castle took its name from " Fourcas Dupré " in 1843 when Maître Jean Antoine Dupré became its owner. In 2019, Château Fourcas Dupré changed hands and became an acquisition of Gérard Jicquel, a Breton entrepreneur. A lifelong wine lover, Gérard Jicquel has kept the name of the estate and is working to improve production. He makes every effort, with his team, to produce a wine of character worthy of these Médoc terroirs.

To acquire your Bordeaux wines, Château Fourcas Dupré opens the doors of its wine cellar to you. This is an opportunity for you to discover our facilities, but also to have a private tasting session to get an idea of ​​the quality of the vineyard's products. On the other hand, Château Fourcas Dupré also has an official online cellar where you can order your bottle of white wine or red wine directly online.

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