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Gift idea

Do you have a friend who is passionate about oenology? Is his birthday not far off? And you are looking for a gift idea that he would like? Here are some ideas that are sure to appeal to someone who loves wine.

Wine lover: some gift ideas to offer

An oenology box

To express your interest in a true wine lover, offering an oenology box and its many accessories is a gesture of inestimable value. For a collector of wine tools, an initiate in the mysteries of Bacchus, the god of wine, an oenology box will be his greatest pleasure.

A set of wine glasses

A beautiful set of wine glasses is a godsend for your loved one. With beautiful wine glasses, your friend will have the opportunity to taste nuggets like in a restaurant. In any case, glassware is a useful, but also friendly wine gift idea. It encourages you to share good times with friends, family or lovers with a good bottle of Bordeaux wine from Château Fourcas Dupré.

A sommelier's corkscrew

Among the gift ideas to offer to a wine lover, a sommelier corkscrew is one of the essential gifts. Obviously, a wine enthusiast will certainly be delighted to receive this accessory as a gift on his birthday.

A wine storage and presentation accessory

Can serve as a prelude to tasting a wine, a wine storage and presentation accessory is both a practical and decorative gift. With a good bottle of Château Fourcas Dupré Rouge 2011 or 2017, this gift idea can enhance an entire room. As soon as you enter the room, this accessory will catch the eye with a few bottles of Grand Vin Bordeaux showcased before the eyes of the tasters.

A book about wine

Perfectly suited to offer to a new wine enthusiast, the book “Le vin c’est pas rocket” turns out to be an excellent gift. This book allows neophytes to choose their wine well in the supermarket or on any online wine sales platform. No more random choice of wine on the shelves, now make way for a careful selection of wine for every occasion. This book explains in detail how to choose wine, how to serve it and with what.

A wine cellar

To keep wine longer at the ideal temperature, a wine cellar is the perfect option. For a wine lover, a wine cellar allows him to have total control of his wines. On the market, you can find wine coolers of various capacities. You will find wine cellars for 10 bottles, 20 bottles and more.

A wine box

If you are looking for a gift idea to offer to a person who loves wine, think of wine, it is obvious. A good bottle of wine in a box will certainly please your friend. Find what you need at the cellar of Château Fourcas Dupré. You will have a wide selection of white wine and red wine.

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