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How to choose a good wine to offer to your loved ones?

Choosing a gift is not always easy. But have you ever thought about offering a wine for a special event for your loved ones? Certainly, wine is an elegant, precious, practical and versatile gift. If you decide to choose wine as a gift, do it right. Indeed, the selection of a wine adds value and prestige to an occasion. How to choose a good wine for your loved ones? Discover some criteria to take into account when selecting a good wine to offer.


The budget is a size criterion

The price of wine is different from bottle to bottle. Some are more expensive than others. This difference can be understood because the price of wine is not limited to qualitative reasons. Indeed, the price of a bottle varies according to several factors such as the yield, the terroir, the work of the winemaker, the quality of the vintage, etc. You can always choose the most expensive bottle to impress your loved ones. However, you don't have to break the bank to offer a good wine. Our advice, stay within the average rates.

Choose according to the beneficiary

Who would you like to offer a good wine to? Do you want to give a wine to an enthusiast, a connoisseur or a novice? The beneficiary of the wine is also important. For connoisseurs and wine lovers, the choice is rather difficult. The best solution is to offer a very fine vintage of renown. For novices, you are spoiled for choice. However, give them the benefit of the doubt. For that, you can opt for grasshoppers, a Côte-Rôtie, a Mas Canaille, etc.

Consider the preferences of your loved ones

A good wine is above all a question of preference. The notion of "taste and flavor" is subjective. Some wines will suit others better and some less so. Other people will always favor red wines over white wines, and vice versa. Take into account the taste and preferences of your loved ones before buying a wine to offer. In addition, you can also play on emotion. If your loved one loves holidays in Cap Ferret, offer him a Bordeaux classified growth. If he rather likes Corsica, opt for a wine from the island.

Consider the occasion

Would you like to offer a good wine for a wedding, birthday, housewarming, etc.? ? Choosing a good wine also depends on the occasion. For birthdays, add references and choose a bottle of vintage wine from the year of birth of the person in question. For special occasions, pull out all the stops and bet instead on a great vintage with more than 20 years of bonuses. If you are invited to a meal, you can also choose a good wine according to the dishes.

Don't be fooled by a nice label

You don't judge a book by its cover, especially since appearances are often deceptive. To choose a good wine to offer, do not let yourself be seduced by a beautiful packaging and a pretty label. Instead, base your choices on the criteria listed above.

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